Breakthrough in in-store analytics
Meet Topyfi - state-of-the-art technology that provides retailers with actionable, sales-driving insights.
Your one-stop product & location intelligence platform

Your store is a lab where customers engage with your products. They move around your retail space in unique patterns, interact with the items leaving micro-traces of data.

Now all these data can be tracked using Topyfi’s patent-pending Analytic Tag and analysed by Topyfi’s Analytic Hub.

The Analytic Tag
As a retailer you know exactly the types and quantities of products you put into your stores. You also know which ones are taken to the checkout. But what is happening with those products in between? Which one of them are most often taken from the shelves or hangers, moved around the store, tried on, put away, taken to the fitting room etc.? Our patent-pending Analytic Tag that can be easily attached to any item and works with all security tags will provide all those answers to you.
The Analytic Hub
The heart of the system collects, processes and analyses data from Analytic Tags as well as other in-store devices. It enables you to track and measure customer behavior and their movement around your retail space. It also allows to discover patterns such as the most attractive departments in your store for customers, how special offers affect foot traffic in each department, and many more. The system enables you to optimize your stores, their layouts, inventory, promotions & loyalty programs.
The Analytic Platform
The face of the system provides you with the processed and analysed data, stats as well as actionable insights drawn from that data. You will learn the exact values of: customer interactions with products, rejection rates, new & regular customers, visits durations, most visited sections of the store, age & gender distribution and plenty more… Topify gives you the opportunity to qualify and quantify everything that’s important for your business!
Observe, Analyse, Act upon it
Every single client that walks into your store performs his or her individual ritual. All those rituals when aggregated form repeatable patterns. Now you can capture them in real time. Your customers behaviour forms a code that, once decrypted, gives you an invaluable advantage over your competitors. Make your retail space your most efficient, real-life market lab working for you 24/7.
Customer Insights
Why rely on traditional market research which is based on small, incomplete samples, and not real-life situations? Why pay for expensive research that's based on customers' declarative statements? Start capturing the genuine data in the unique context of your store and your actual customers.
Actionable Data
Gathering facts and knowledge is not enough. You need to start acting upon it. That’s why topyfi brings you actionable insights, enabling you to draw right conclusions and make informed decisions that will transform your business. All without costly market research, audits and strategies developed by outsourced experts.
Actionable Insights
Collecting raw data is far from enough to fully understand customer behavior and implement changes. You need more. Actionable insights - that’s the key.
Grow revenues
from your
store space
Optimize the layout of your store and convert visitors into customers. Optimize your store front and convert passers-by into visitors. Reproduce the best performing patterns in other locations.
Get insights
into your
customers’ behaviour
Learn more about your customers. Study their return cycle. Find answers questions such as: Who are my customers? Which of them are first-time visitors and which ones are regulars? How often do they come back? What are their interests? And many, many more...
Optimize your
stock and
product lines
Track each item’s life cycle in your retail store. Analyse customer engagement and optimize your products, their placement, pricing, packaging and promotion.
your marketing
Measure the effectiveness of your marketing to optimize your messages, visuals and channels. Create best-performing special offers and build effective loyalty programs.
Improve customer

Study the customer migration patterns and discover potential problems in particular branches. Adjust floor staff and minimize waiting time.

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